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First-Party Bad Faith

LEVIN SITCOFF specializes in bad faith first party insurance claims, which occur when an individual or corporation has made a direct claim to an insurance company and a settlement has been refused, delayed or only partially paid.

When a title insurance company and its agent deliberately failed to list a defect of record and later refused the lender's claim, LEVIN SITCOFF helped the lender recover damages for more than twice the title insurance policy limit.

LEVIN SITCOFF has extensive experience litigating bad faith insurance claims in Colorado. In fact, in 1981, Tom Roberts filed the first case to establish the tort of insurance bad faith in Colorado, Farmers Group Inc. v. Trimble.

The attorneys at LEVIN SITCOFF understand that to successfully resolve bad faith insurance claims, lawyers must be well versed in the nuances of insurance coverage. In particular, they must understand that a good or bad case doesn't depend on the amount in dispute, but rather on how the insurance carrier reacted to a claim. Conduct is what matters. No matter what size settlement is in dispute, LEVIN SITCOFF has the experience and expertise to achieve favorable results for policyholders.

Significant Bad Faith Settlements

  • $1.5 million settlement following confidential arbitration of bad faith handling of auto insurance claim
  • $1.2 million settlement of bad faith handling of wrongful denial of disability claim
  • $1.9 million settlement of bad faith claims for wrongful denial of disability benefits
  • $750,000 settlement of bad faith claims for failure to defend insureds
  • $1.3 million arbitration award for breach of title insurance policy
  • $230,000 settlement of bad faith breach of life insurance policy
  • $600,000 settlement of claims for bad faith breach of auto insurance policy
  • $350,000 settlement of claim for bad faith breach of auto insurance policy

Insurance Coverage Attorneys

LEVIN SITCOFF PC has established itself as a premiere insurance coverage firm representing policyholders. The firm's shareholders have been actively involved in the development of insurance law in Colorado for more than 20 years, and have appeared in numerous insurance cases resulting in published appellate decisions. Their experience defending both insurance carriers and their clients gives them a depth and breadth of expertise unparalleled in other firms.

When a group of employees sued their employer for sexual harassment, LEVIN SITCOFF helped establish coverage for the employer under his personal umbrella insurance policy over the insurance company's objection that the claims were barred by public policy and intentional act exclusion.

The attorneys at LEVIN SITCOFF recognize that insurance policies are like puzzles for most people, regardless of their sophistication in other areas. Policies are intentionally written to be difficult to understand, but experienced attorneys who understand insurance law can help unlock the puzzle and make the ambiguous clear, resulting in the best possible settlement for their clients.

LEVIN SITCOFF's attorneys represent individual and corporate insureds in all types of liability and first party insurance coverage disputes, including:

Automobile Liability



Commercial general liability





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