Pre-trial Bashor and Nunn Agreements

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LEVIN SITCOFF's attorneys have successfully tried numerous Colorado Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) cases. In fact, Tom Roberts and Brad Levin wrote the amicus brief in Showpiece Homes v. Assurance1 that established the principle that the insurance industry is subject to the CCPA, and that the handling of an insurance claim in bad faith can constitute a violation of the CCPA.

When a small businessman planning to take a product to market discovered his product in a store before he had even finished negotiating the development agreement, he hired LEVIN SITCOFF to file suit on his behalf against the manufacturer. Violation of the CCPA, which protects citizens from deceptive trade practices, and other claims were filed on his behalf. The matter went to trial, and the businessman was awarded $1.9 million plus $450,000 in attorneys' fees.

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