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Personal Counsel

Denver Personal Counsel Services

The Denver personal counsel lawyers at Levin Sitcoff Waneka PC provide personal counsel services for individuals and professionals, frequently representing policyholders who have been sued and want additional representation outside of their insurance company’s lawyers. In addition, Levin Sitcoff Waneka PC often receives referrals from insurance firms to represent their clients, advise them of their rights, and protect their assets from being attached in a lawsuit.

Personal Counsel for Professionals and Individuals in Denver

Personal counsel is retained by a professional to protect the professional from the potential adverse consequences of litigation. The role of personal counsel is to monitor the litigation and confront any issues that may impact insurance coverage. Denver personal counsel attorneys observe and document any actions or omissions by the insurance company that may lead to a judgment outside of coverage or in excess of policy limits.

In cases where insurance coverage is disputed or deemed insufficient to cover the claimed damages, personal counsel is critical to protect assets, reputation, and potentially the practice of the insured professional. By hiring a Denver personal counsel attorney, policyholders can protect themselves from exposure to excess judgments, particularly if their insurance company doesn’t want to pay the sum requested by the victim.

Personal Counsel Case Examples:

A Colorado building contractor’s general liability insurers denied coverage for multiple homeowners’ claims for defective workmanship. As the contractor insured’s personal coverage counsel, Levin Sitcoff Waneka PC was instrumental in forcing the insurers to pay $9.5 million to settle claims without contribution from the builder.

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